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سه شنبه, می 21, 2024

About legrand

Legrand, the largest supplier in the electricity and networking industry, with 50 sites maintained by Internet companies around the world.

Legrand Company started operating in Limoges, France in 1860 And first, with the production of ceramic fuses, it launched its brand in the market.

 Legrand factory in France

Legrand has entered the market with more than 35 years of experience with Alborz brand and launched its first production line in Iran.

Legrand's products can be categorized into household electricity, industrial electricity, protective equipment, computer networks and telecommunications infrastructure.

One of the most important products of Legrand brand in Iran is Legrand key and socket with mosaic name which has been introduced in all Legrand company products including key and socket. Office, commercial and network infrastructure equipment can be used  Legrand factory in France

Legrand Company in the field of network infrastructure production including trunking and ducting Legrand trunking

Network cable and rack equipment such as patch panel patch cord and monitoring equipment کابل شبکه لگراند

Floor Trunking and floor Boxing Types کف خواب لگراند

Protective equipment and building safety Like miniature fuses, automatic and life saver فیوز مینیاتوری لگراند

All water and soil protection equipment in Plexo models  Waterproof switch and socket

It is among the other brands and has the highest standards

Legrand Products

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